Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Essential Points to remember for your eCommerce store

As we all know that Magento is world's most flexible eCommerce platform. Magento's upgraded availability highlights, extended community, and omni-channel encounters make it a big player in the eCommerce world. Despite the fact, 13% of online shoppers utilize Magento, one can't remark on its success rate without using it. Let's take a look at the important points that beginner developers should keep in mind while developing their eCommerce store on Magento :

Use of Default Settings 

Home Page : A client would be less interested to browse through your online store if it's titled simply 'Home'. According to SEO algorithm, you should use a primary keyword and, if vital, an optional keyword for your home page title.

Description : If you're utilizing default descriptions, your web crawler rankings are profoundly influenced which, in the long run, prompts to poor user experience. Item description are a pivotal part of your website. If you are willingly replicating them from other e-stores, Google recognizes the inconsistencies and consequently diminishes the search engine ranking of your e-store. Along these lines, your item description should be crisp and one of a kind to draw in client's attention.

Magento XML Sitemap : Sitemap helps you in expanding the positioning of your e-Store on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. While planning your Magento store, recollect to include sitemap for better search engine ranking.

Magento eCommerce Store Development

Layered Navigation Issues 

Layered Navigation permits you to peruse through numerous alternatives on a solitary page. In the event that you are utilizing this component, you can confront a considerable measure of deterrents (covered classifications, darkened pictures, and moderate page reaction time). You can't anticipate that the guest will sit tight for the page to stack. To settle this issue, you can take after these means:

  • Stop search engine crawlers to creep by means of your pages 
  • Utilize Ajax route to empower guests to channel the item effectively. 

You can simply install Magento premium extensions, for example, Layered Navigation Pro to solve this issue.

Unresponsive Site 

Today, a responsive and clean site makes a decent early introduction. In the event that it's good on various gadgets and can be seen on a few programs, your Magento store is packed and prepared to go. Then again, a non responsive website can influence the conversion rate and turn out to be hindering for your online reputation.

Shared Resources and Server 

In the event that you connect your Magento store with other online stores and locales, it can lessen the stacking velocity and trade off the security of your site. Shared resourcing can to a great extent influence the offers of your Magento store. To design your site legitimately, select a server which is protected from programmers and spammers. MySQL and PHP5 are thought to be best choices.

Take full leverage of Magento's features to keep your eCommerce store updated and your clients coming!


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